Boston Red Sox is an American professional baseball team in Boston, Massachusetts, and members of the American League East Division. The Red Sox happens to be one of the early eight franchises of the American League. The team was founded in 1901.

During this period it was unofficially known as Boston Americans but later took the official name Boston Red Sox in 1908. The name stems from Boston’s first professional baseball team Boston Red Stockings.

The team’s home park is Fenway Park and has been since 1912. The Red Sox have won several World Series Championships, tied for the third-most of any Major League Baseball team.

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Who owns the Red Sox?

The Boston Red Sox was first owned by Charles W. Somers and has since changed hands for some time. Here is a list of all the team’s previous owners.

Past Owners of the Boston Red Sox

  • Charles W. Somers
  • Henry J. Killilea
  • John I. Taylor (He brought about the name Boston Red Sox)
  • James R. McAleer
  • Joseph J. Lannin
  • Harry H. Frazee
  • J.A. Robert Quinn
  • Thomas A. Yawkey
  • Jean R. Yawkey
  • JRY Corp. – Jean R. Yawkey, Haywood C. Sullivan, Edward G. LeRoux, Jr; in 1981 Jean R. Yawkey placed her Trust as her replacement on the seat of owners.
  • In 1987 the team was owned by the same members except for  Edward G. LeRoux, Jr.
  • In 1994, the team was owned by Jean R. Yawkey Trust only.

sourced from the Redsox website

He owns Boston Red Sox

From 2002 to date, Boston Red Sox has been owned by John Henry, Tom Werner, Larry Lucchino. Some searches reveal that the team is owned by the Fenway Sports Group which is also true. Now let me explain why it is so.

In 2001, John Henry and Tom Werner established a firm known as New England Sports Ventures and made a bid to own Boston Red Sox. In 2010, the company changed its name to the Fenway Sports Group.

Now since Henry and Werner are owners of the mother company it is no surprise to see some searches bring up Henry as the Owner or Fenway Sports Group as owner.


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