Kurt Zouma is a premier league footballer for West Ham. He has recently been sentenced to 180 hours of community labor after he pleaded guilty to slapping and kicking a cat in his home. A video of the vicious act done by the footballer was uploaded on Snapchat byYoan Zouma who is Kurts’s brother.

Who Posted Kurt Zouma cat Video?
Who Posted Kurt Zouma cat Video?

In the video which emerged in February of this year, Prosecutor Hazel Stephens said he could hear very vicious words like “I swear I’ll kill it. I swear, I’ll kill it “.Youn who is currently 24, had admitted to abetting and procuring with his elder brother to commit an offense and has been sentenced along with his brother Kurt Zouma as the two had conducted the act together before videoing it.

Yoan has been sentenced to 140 hours of community labor and has also been banned from keeping cats for five years. Kurt on the other hand has admitted to two counts of causing intentional and unnecessary suffering to an animal ‘pet’ by kicking it in the abdomen and slapping it on the head at the Thames Magistrate Court last week.

The cats which have been reported to be two Bengal male cats have been placed in the care of RSPCA with Kurt Zouma giving his consent. His Lawyer Trevor Burke however said the cats were checked at the vet and were seen to be well cared for.

During this time that Kurt Zouma was being detained the court heard that he had lost a good sponsorship deal with Adidas and had been subjected to many comments and insults as well as being fined £250,000.

It was also made known in the court that Yoan Zouma had 80 followers on Snapchat and only five accounts had viewed the video before it was deleted shortly after being posted.

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