Who was Vicky White’s Husband?

On April 29, 2022, two lovers would make headlines after Casey White(man), who was awaiting trial for murder, escaped from Alabama’s Lauderdale County Jail.

How did that happen, Vicky? Vicky White, who was believed to be in a romantic relationship with Casey White, allegedly aided and joined him on his escape.

Alabama Jail official Vicky White was a 56-year-old prison officer who assisted Casey White(38year old)murder suspect inmate to escape on April,29,2022. This will lead to a 20-day manhunt from the police eventually leading to the last day of Vicky White’s days on earth. She shot herself on May 9th after being discovered by her colleagues in the security profession.

There have been many doubts if the late Vicky white and the inmate were related due to their surnames but reports show that they are not. Well, obviously not by blood or family relation. It is believed that they could have been lovers though.

Vicky White.former Alabama Jail Boss

Vicky’s job was to transport the inmates from the vehicles to their respective cells in the Alabama prison. The two met in the Lauderdale county after Casey allegedly confessed to the murder of a 58-year-old woman and was to serve a 75-year sentence for other violent crimes he had committed in 2015. Vicky then helped Casey to escape. Here is how Casey White escaped Jail.

Vicky White snuck Casey White out of the jail on April 29, after claiming that he had a mental health evaluation at the county courthouse. It wasn’t until later that authorities discovered that there wasn’t anything scheduled for him that day. By then they had both escaped successfully and Casey was a free man, well to the two of them only because he technically became a fugitive. Did he ever think about that?


Were Vicky White and Casey White married?

Vicky White and Casey White were not married, nor were they related. They just had the same last name. While it is not known if they had plans to become husband and wife after escaping from the correctional center together, they were not betrothed at the time of Vicky White’s death.

They were just reliving a snap session of the famous Bony and Clyde story.


Who was Vicky White’s  Husband?

The only officially recorded information about Vicky White ever being married was that recorded about her and a man named Tommy who died of Parkinson’s Disease at the age of 62.  She was not married to Casey White.

In the case of Vicky and Casey, officials discovered Casey and Vicky, who are not related, had established a “special relationship” in the days following their escape.

However, they were apprehended near Evansville, Indiana,10days after their well or maybe almost well-planned escape on Monday, May 9, after their car crashed during a chase.

Vicky had lied to her colleagues she wanted to spend some days at the beach and hence had sold her house and other properties. Whereas Vicky was described by her colleagues as a trusted employee who was going on retirement, Case was the opposite.

Casey White

Casey was in jail because of several bad behaviors including the murder of a 57-year-old woman and was facing a 65year jail term.

When they were caught, Vicky had gunshot wounds which Casey claims were self-inflicted by Vicky. Casey is likely to face a death sentence when the trial is over, for now, he has to deal with a funny escape trial alongside his old ones.

They must have watched too many Jay-Z and Beyonce-Bony and Clyde video clips.

Casey and Vicky White



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