Deji was defeated by rookie Alex Wassabi in his third bout in a row, marking his third consecutive defeat.

If he managed to accomplish an unwelcome hat-trick, the brother of KSI had threatened to resign.

Wassabi was victorious in a split decision when it appeared as though the judges would save him in a contentious judgment.

After a sluggish start, Deji, who was in the southpaw stance, was the first to push forward.

Wassabi, on the other hand, responded admirably, pushing his more experienced opponent to clinch and causing the Londoner to miss the final shot of the round.

When a fan got into the ring during Deji and Alex Wassabi’s YouTube boxing match, mayhem ensued. When the fan climbed through the ropes during the second of five rounds, the fight had to be stopped.

The intruder was dealt with by security, and the fight was able to restart and eventually go the full five rounds as a result of it.

Wassabi won the bout despite the fact that one judge controversially awarded it to Deji. The other two judges were correct in their decision.

Who won between Alex Wassabi and Deji?

Alex Wassabi

Despite the fact that one judge controversially gave the battle to Deji, Wassabi won. The decisions of the other two judges were right.


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