Why are Deji and KSI not Friends?

Deji and KSI are blood-related brothers but had a feud that got the brother beefing.

A series of events occurred in November 2018 that led up to the start of the family drama. A series of diss tunes between Randolph and Deji stand out.

Deji shared a screenshot of KSI’s personal bank account in one of his diss-tracks (released on November 26, 2018) to “prove” that KSI paid for Randolph’s wedding.

The next day, KSI posted a reply video, expressing his displeasure with his parents for allowing Deji to access the bank account.

Deji evicted KSI from his home on December 25, 2018. Twitter was used to broadcast the happenings. KSI allegedly came to attack Deji and threatened to smash his computer, according to Deji.

Deji is claimed to have locked himself in his office, prompting KSI to threaten to bash the door down and “beat him up.”

Deji claims he then asked KSI if he may leave the residence or if he should call the cops. Unbeknownst to one other, Deji and KSI were both filming the events.

Deji released a video titled “bye” on May 25, 2019. According to Deji’s video, KSI had been verbally abusing him at an alarmingly rapid rate.

Deji claimed, among other things, that KSI had hurled objects at him. A story that reportedly happened in 2015 was then recounted by Deji.

According to his story, he fell in love with an unknown girl and made several films with her. Deji, on the other hand, was devastated to learn that KSI had sex with her.

On the other hand, Deji claims that several girls Deji has liked have been “stolen” by KSI in the past.

As a result of his dissatisfaction with the lack of objectivity displayed by KSI, he created Unforgiven. The other claim made by Deji was that KSI was given an advance listen of Randolph’s second diss track and did nothing to prevent its release.

KSI and Deji’s conversation logs, according to Deji, contained private footage that Randolph allegedly used.

Defending his reputation, Deji claims that the charges against him for having sex with minors and getting them pregnant are untrue.

He went on to add that even when KSI was accused of sexual assault in 2012, he stood by the organization and supported it on a minute by minute basis.

Deji went on to add that he had contemplated taking his own life in the wake of everything that had happened.

It was stated that no one backed or assisted him in his efforts to reclaim his support. According to him, KSI was the one who contacted him to ask that people stop hating on him.


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