Why are Royal Coffins Lead Lined?

Royal Coffins

Why are Royal Coffins Lead Lined?

Diana Spencer, known as “The People’s Princess,” tragically died in a horrible vehicle accident that claimed the lives of driver Henri Paul and her lover Dodi Fayed at the Pont de l’Alma road tunnel.

Diana was brought to the hospital, where she eventually died of her injuries. As the country tried to come to terms with the shocking death of the Princess, it was the most emotional and unforgettable week in British history.

ROyal Coffins
ROyal Coffins

Because it was lined with lead, the coffin could support a quarter-ton of weight. The British royal family is buried in lead-lined coffins as a ritual.

Although she was married to Prince Charles at the time of her death, Lady Diana Spencer was still known as Lady Diana Spencer.

Because she was so well-known and adored by the British public and the rest of the globe, she was given a state funeral and a lead casket fit for a monarch.

An airtight lead coffin may keep a body for up to a year and significantly slow the decomposition process. Lead-lined coffins ensure that the scent and toxicity of a deceased person cannot escape and harm the environment since they seal the coffin, keep moisture out, and preserve the body for longer.

If a coffin is to be buried above ground in the United Kingdom, it must be sealed.

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