Who Is Roman Abramovich?

Roman Abramovich fully known as Roman Arkadyevich Abramovich is a Saratov Russian who was born on 24 October 1966 in Saratov. Those who are familiar with that location will know the surrounding that Abramovich is coming from.

Abramovich was also an activist in politics aside from his billionaire persona and being an entrepreneur. He was known to have acquired some state known assets when the Soviet Union decapitated

Abramovich was a close ally to the former president of Russia Boris Yeltsin. And now current president Vladimir Putin with who he shares delicate information with. Vladimir takes him as his confidant.Abromovich is the sole owner of Millhouse LLC. He hails from a Jewish family.

Why did Roman Abramovich sell Chelsea FC?

Among other things, Abramovich is known to be the owner of the popular football club called Chelsea. Recently, there were disturbances in Russia that raised some concerns that raised questionable concerns about the stereotyped nature of Abramovic as far as he happens to be a Russian.

He was made or forced to resign from the team because of the heat concerning his nationality. Recently the Chelsea boss made a declaration about selling the club. The sole reason being that he was making the move to sell the club and donate the amount to injured and distress victims of citizens of Ukraine.


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