Clint Capela is a professional National Basketball Leagues(NBA) star who plays for the Atlanta Hawks basketball team of the NBA. He has been with the Hawks since February 2020 and is currently on a two-year contract extension of $46 million with the Hawks.

Clint was born in Geneva, Switzerland on May 18, 1994. His parents are both Africans. His father is from Angola and his mom is from Congo. He was raised singlehandedly by his mom as his parents separated a few months after he was born.

When Clint was about 15 years old, he joined the Chalon-sur-Saône training centre, INSEP, in France. This centre was responsible for training potentials in the junior team. After his training in 2012, he joined the senior Élan Chalon team of the LNB Pro A.

Clint made a debut for the Swiss national basketball team at the FIBA EuroBasket 2015 qualification rounds in August 2013 and in May 2014, he was named the Best Young Player and Most Improved Player of the 2013/2014 LNB Pro A season.

During the 2014 NBA draft, Clint was selected in the 25th overall pick by the Houston Rockets. He also signed with them that same year and scored his first NBA points in 2015. Clint played with the Houstons for 6 years after which he was traded to the Atlanta Hawks in February 2020.

Why Does Clint Capela Have Orange Hair?

There is no inspiration attached to Clint Capela’s orange hair. The NBA star just wanted a new hairstyle and added an orange colour to it.


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