Joseph Christian Chestnut, an American competitive eater, was born on November 25, 1983. He presently holds the top spot in the world according to Major League Eating.

He was born in California and now makes his home in Westfield, Indiana. Chestnut stands 6 feet, 0 inches (1.83 meters) tall and weighs 230 pounds (100 kg).

Why is Joey Chestnut so Good at Eating?
Why is Joey Chestnut so Good at Eating?

The Michael Jordan of competitive eating is Joey Chestnut. On July 4, Chestnut will try to win his 13th “mustard belt,” the trophy (and a $10,000 prize) awarded to the victor of the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, the main event for Major League Eating, the organization that oversees the circuit (MLE).

Chestnut only lost against Matt Stonie in 2015 after winning 12 of the previous 13 matches. The all-time record for Californians is 74 hot dogs and buns (HDB) in 10 minutes, which was attained in 2018.

He has consistently used the same training regimen, which consists of practice competitions in which he makes an effort to push himself a little bit further each time, sandwiched by rest periods, followed by a fast a few days prior to the event.

No solid meals, and when I feel empty, it’s basically a detox with lemon juice and water, according to Chestnut. He also feels that running helps with his respiration, and he can tell when he doesn’t do it.

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