Why Is Roman Abramovich Selling Chelsea Football Club?

Abramovich is selling Chelsea to support victims of the Ukraine War.

The net earnings from the sale of Chelsea will be transferred to a foundation “for the benefit of all victims of the war in Ukraine,” according to Roman Abramovich.

According to his spokesperson, Abramovich is working to broker peace between Russia and Ukraine and has directed his team to establish a benevolent foundation to which all net earnings from the sale of Chelsea would be donated.

“All victims of the war in Ukraine will benefit from the foundation,” Abramovich stated.

“This involves giving crucial cash for victims’ immediate and urgent needs, as well as helping long-term healing efforts.”

Abramovich said in a statement that a sale was in the best interests of the reigning European and world soccer champions, despite mounting calls for sanctions in the wake of Russia’s invasion of its neighbor.

Abramovich stated that he would not demand repayment of loans he has provided to the Premier League team, which are estimated to be worth 1.5 billion pounds ($2.0 billion). He also stated that the sale would not be expedited.

Abramovich is actively attempting to sell all of his English villas. He also wants to get rid of Chelsea as soon as possible.


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