Why Was Eli Apple Trolled After 2022 Super Bowl

A Super Bowl loss is never pleasant, but getting ridiculed on Twitter right after giving up the game-winning touchdown is a whole other level of difficulty.

Twitter ridiculed Bengals cornerback Eli Apple relentlessly after his team’s Super Bowl LVI loss to the Rams. In the dying seconds of regulation, Apple gave up a score to Cooper Kupp, who had a chance to win the Super Bowl, while attempting to cover him.

Apple was penalized for grabbing Kupp’s jersey from behind with the Rams on the Bengals’ 4-yard line on the last drive of the game. The Rams gained a foothold on the one-yard line as a result of this.

Matthew Stafford was able to loft the ball to Kupp in the end zone two plays later, with Apple in coverage and not reacting to the pass. Despite the fact that it was a mismatch, a 1-yard touchdown pass with 1:25 remaining gave the Rams the win.

After scoring the game-winning score, Kupp went on to finish the game with two touchdowns and was voted Super Bowl MVP as a result.

It’s been weeks since the Bengals beat the Chiefs in AFC Championship Game, with Apple making a few notable interceptions against the Chiefs’ playmakers.

After the AFC Championship was over, they started tweeting about it.



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