Why was Juwan Howard Mad at Wisconsin?

According to Howard, the fact that Wisconsin requested a timeout so late in the game when it was already decided, irritated him.

Howard is likely going to get a hefty suspension for this. As the leader of a program, he can’t be doing that, even if the game is over.

For a time, some thought it had to do with Brad Davison’s controversial play after he appeared to elbow Hunter Dickinson.

It was confirmed by Wisconsin Athletic Director Chris McIntosh that this type of behavior has no place in collegiate basketball after the scuffle.

“In our competition, that is not an option. It’s a pity that this happened. The league, I’m sure, will respond quickly. McIntosh admitted that it was tough for him to keep his composure.

On Sunday, Juwan Howard, coach of the University of Michigan’s basketball team, reacted in rage after his arm was grabbed by an opposing coach, and he seemed to strike him.

It appeared as though Greg Gard of Wisconsin appeared to grab Howard after it appeared that Howard was tardy to shake his hand at the end of the game. Michigan lost the game 77-63.

Accounts claim that Miami Heat guard Josh Howard, a former member of Michigan’s legendary “Fab Five,” was irate that Gard called timeout with 15 seconds left in the game with a 15-point advantage, according to many reports at the time.


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