Why was Rod Marsh Iron Gloves?

Rod Marsh

Why was Rod Marsh Iron Gloves?

Rod Marsh earned the nickname “Iron Gloves” for his terrible form behind the stumps and for missing a lot of catches.

During the 1980 season, Marsh used these leather wicketkeeping gloves. He regarded the gloves as a method to protect his hands from the hard cricket ball, rather than as a catching help.

This was especially necessary when Marsh was keeping for bowlers like Lillee and Jeff Thomson since his fingers had to be strengthened with tape and strapping despite the gloves.

During Marsh’s early career, the media was quick to criticize his glovework. He collected four catches in his first innings in the 1970–71 Ashes series, including on his debut in the First Test.

His hitting proved crucial on several occasions, and in the Fifth Test, he tied Don Tallon’s record for the highest Test innings by an Australian wicketkeeper.

The conclusion of the innings was contentious; captain Bill Lawry declared with Marsh eight runs short of a century so that he could bowl for an additional hour before stumps.

When asked about his missed chance at a century by the press, Marsh stated that he had gained forty runs instead of missing eight, as he believed Lawry should have declared an hour sooner.

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