The Detroit Tigers have only won the Wild Card Berths one in their history in 2006

In order to provide the top clubs who didn’t win their division a shot at the World Series, Major League Baseball instituted the wild card in 1994.   A first-round bye in the playoffs for the league’s best second-place club became essential after the American League and National League split their two-division structures into three.

With the addition of the wild card, it was possible for teams with the second-best records in each league to advance to the postseason regardless of where they played in their respective divisions. Because the 1994–95 Major League Baseball players’ strike forced the postseason to be postponed, the 1995 postseason was the first to include a wild card club.

Wild Card Game is a one-game playoff between the two wild card clubs in each conference, with the winner going on to face the number one slot in the Divisional Series.

The 2006 Wild Card Berths season

The 2006 Detroit Tigers season was the franchise’s 106th season in history. Instead, the Tigers opted for a wild card spot in the AL. On Game 4, right fielder Magglio Ordóez’s walk-off home run clinched the 2006 ALCS for the Detroit Tigers over the New York Yankees, who were the favorites.

Losing to the Cardinals in the World Series was their only loss. Instead, the Tigers opted for the wild card in the AL.


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