Currently, Yazmin Oukhellou is the subject of news when she and her ex-boyfriend Jake McLean were both involved in a car accident in Turkey which left Jake dead at the scene. Yazmin was brought to the hospital, where she is still receiving care.

Jake’s car is thought to have rolled off a slope at Bodrum, Turkey, on July 3, 2022. Everyone is astonished and wishes Yazmin a quick recovery.

Yazmin Oukhellou Car Crash: Photos of Yazmin Oukhellou's Accident Car
Yazmin Oukhellou Car Crash: Photos of Yazmin Oukhellou’s Accident Car

Reality star Yazmin Oukhellou, 28, is from Essex. She studied at Newcastle University and launched her own swimsuit brand in 2016.

After receiving training, she started her career as a luxury realtor in Dubai. Yasmine’s relationship with James Rock contributed to her reputation.

When she spent the night with Erie Jones on Love Island, her romance with Jake McLean in Dubai came to an end. Despite the lack of information on the unfortunate tragedy, Yazmin’s admirers praised her most recent social media post.

Yasmine was left in critical condition at a hospital. Jake McLean, 33, reportedly lost control of his car while driving in Bodrum, according to sources.

According to reports, Yazmin is currently being treated for her wounds in Turkey’s intensive care unit. Her parents, Lisa and Hamid Oukhellou, have two children with her older brother being Adam Oukhellou.

Photos of Yazmin Oukhellou’s Accident Car

Yazmin, who was Jake McLean’s on-and-off lover, was hurt in the collision and her arm sustained a “very significant” injury.

Pictures of the vehicle they were riding in on its roof after careening off a cliff have now surfaced. On the scene of the catastrophe, next to the car that appears to have landed on an incline, emergency personnel can be seen.

“Apparently Jake was driving when he lost control of the car and it plunged off a cliff,” a source told The Sun Online.

After Yazmin’s accident, in which she was seriously injured and her ex-boyfriend Jake McLean killed, Yazmin’s mother is said to have traveled to Turkey to be with her daughter.

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