Youtuber Kevin Samuels Cause of Death

Kevin Samuels

Kevin Samuels, a YouTube star and self-proclaimed relationship expert, died today (May 5).

He was well-known for his dating advice and YouTube videos, in which he claimed to be a “appearance consultant.”

Kevin Samuels
Kevin Samuels

“How Much Do You Cost to Submit?” is one of his most well-known videos. and “Average Modern Women?” He generated controversy on social media just last week when he remarked that unmarried women over 35 are “leftover women.”

Despite being twice divorced and claiming to be unmarried, Samuels was never afraid to share his thoughts on the subject of relationships.

Early this evening, rumors of his death began circulating on Twitter and other social media platforms, sparking an online debate between Samuels’ supporters and detractors.

Those who share the influencer’s philosophy have accused his detractors of rejoicing his death.

Kevin Samuels Cause of Death

The death of the 56-year-old, however, has not been confirmed. As a result, on Thursday afternoon, Samuels’ name became a trending topic on Twitter as individuals attempted to clear the air.

Samuels died of “cardiac arrest,” according to Plug Talk’s Instagram account, but the report was not verified. Other Instagram accounts also jumped on board with the same story without confirming it.

Samuels’ death appears to have been caused by a single social media post reporting that he died early Thursday morning.


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