Adekunle Tobilola Olopade, also known as Adekunle in the BBNaija House, is presently vying with the other housemates for the N100,000,000 top prize. He is a digital marketing consultant who is 27 years old. He prides himself on being a giver who finds solutions to other people’s issues and describes himself as “a self-actualised introvert.”

Adekunle enjoys playing games on his phone and watching his favorite show, Family Guy, on YouTube when he’s not daydreaming about improving his life and thinking of ways to improve the world. Although promoting harmony is one of his talents, Adekunle isn’t afraid to take the initiative and confront problems head-on if the situation demands it.

Adekunle intends to advance the situation by ensuring that he has a point of view on everyone’s affairs. Will he gain allies or enemies with this plan? “Being a people’s person is the component of my nature that will help me survive in house. I cherish being myself.


Big Brother Housemate Eloswag
Big Brother Housemate Eloswag

Adekunle wants to win Big Brother Naija this season so he can assist his mother in paying off her debt, loans, and mortgage. “It could be bothersome that I’m always right and, oh yeah, I never say anything I don’t know. Also, I recently discovered that I speak with a lot of big grammar,” he chuckles.

Which State Does Adekunle BBN Come From?

Adekunle of Big Brother Naija Level Up fame comes from Lagos State in Nigeria.


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