Easy-going Allysyn, who goes by the name Audu, describes herself as “a creative idiot who enjoys experiencing others.”

She models watches movies, hangs out with pals, and even makes her own lip gloss when she’s not working hard as a Sales and Marketing Executive for a well-known vehicle firm.


She has faith in the people closest to her and expects them to have the same faith in her. Because she considers herself a “huge fan of love,” Allysny has already found love and is presently engaged.

She enjoys how “love allows me to view myself in a different light every day,” which she thinks is one of the perks of being in a committed relationship.

Allysyn BBNaija State of Origin: Which State Does Allysyn BBN Come From?

Allysyn of BBNaija season 7 comes from Lagos. It is possible that Lagos has therefore surpassed Kinshasa as the most populous city in Africa.

Prior to December 1991, when the federal government of Nigeria made the decision to relocate the nation’s capital to Abuja in the middle of the country, Lagos served as the nation’s capital city.

As of the year 2018, the metropolitan area surrounding Lagos, Nigeria, had a total population of approximately 23.5 million people, making it the most populous metropolitan area in Africa.

In addition to being a major financial center in Africa, Lagos serves as the economic nerve center of both Lagos State and Nigeria as a whole.

It has been said that this city is the cultural, financial, and entertainment capital of Africa, and it exerts a great effect on areas such as commerce, entertainment, technology, education, politics, tourism, art, and fashion.

Additionally, Lagos is one of the top ten cities and urban areas in the world with the quickest rate of population growth.


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