Adreian Payne was an American professional basketball player who was last seen in a game after playing for the Juventus Utena. The basketball player passed this early morning after being shot by 29-year-old man Lawrence Dority.

Born on February 19, 1991, Payne was a celebrity basketball player and played for several teams in his 8-year career. He began to play professional basketball and football in 2014 after being drafted by the Atlanta Hawks.

Adreian Payne Siblings: Does Adreian Payne Have Siblings?
Adreian Payne Siblings: Does Adreian Payne Have Siblings?

Does Adreian Payne have Siblings?

Payne was the youngest child of his parents (Thomas Payne and Gloria Lewis) three sons. There is no information about the names of his brothers as the late basketball player had not shared any details about them with the public. He was raised by his grandmother after his mother sadly passed when he was a teenager and his father was in prison.

Payne often recounted how his brothers usually left him out when they sneaked out to play basketball. He questioned them on why they didn’t take him along and he was told he was too clumsy to be allowed in any teams with their friends.

At 16, he was invited by a friend to escort him to play a basketball game and that was when he felt he had a passion for playing basketball since then he had thrived hard to achieve his dream but sadly, the basketball player’s dreams have been short-lived.


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