Alison Esposito is a Former NYPD Deputy Inspector and currently a candidate for New York Lieutenant Governor.

She announced her candidacy for the Republican primary on June 28, 2022.

Alison Esposito, the Republican Party’s choice for lieutenant governor, opened up about being the state’s first out gay candidate in a new interview, declaring, “It can happen.”

The former NYPD deputy inspector spoke publicly for the first time about her historic candidacy as Long Island Rep. Lee Zeldin’s running mate.

When asked about the GOP’s historical antagonism to LGBTQ issues and gay marriage, Esposito said, “I feel the Republicans have a bad track record on that.”

“Because I’m gay and a Republican, anything is possible.” It’s conceivable. As I keep reiterating, this isn’t just a red wave.

“This is a wave of common sense,” she went on to say.

Alison Esposito
Alison Esposito

Alison Esposito  Parents

Alison Esposito’s dad is the former police officer, Joseph J. Esposito. There is no information about who her mother was.

Her dad joined the NYPD as a Police Trainee in August 1968, when he was 18 years old, and served in the police force for over five decades.

Alison Esposito Husband

Alison Esposito is not married. Being the first state’s first gay candidate, She is probably with a partner but she did not disclose who she is.

Alison Esposito Children

Alison Esposito does not have any children of her own.

In an interview, she opened out about being gay.

Alison Esposito Siblings

Alison Esposito might not be the only child of her parent. There is currently no information if she has siblings or not.

We can say, the aspirant candidate for New York Lieutenant Governor does not have any siblings


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