Since joining the New York City Police Department in 1997, Alison has proudly served the department and attained the level of Deputy Inspector. Alison joined the NYPD because she thinks all New Yorkers have a right to safety, freedom, and protection, especially those who require assistance, are in danger and are unable to defend themselves.

Alison began her first patrol as soon as she joined the NYPD in the Midtown South neighborhood of Manhattan.

After knocking out some of the worst criminals, she joined the Anti-Crime team, a plain clothes force that targets violent street crime.

Alison Esposito
Alison Esposito

After that, she joined the NYPD’s Emergency Services Unit. After serving in the Bronx, the NYPD’s Gang Unit, and on numerous other assignments, Alison was transferred to the Brooklyn 70th Precinct, where she was in charge as the Deputy Inspector.

Alison has watched her home state and her beloved city degrade in a downward spiral for far too long.

Liberal policies that are fatally defective, such as cashless bail, the defunding of the police movement, the Less is More Act, and DAs like Alvin Bragg who won’t uphold the law, among many others, have given the streets to criminals.

Alison has battled crime for the entirety of her adult life and is more than prepared to take on the state’s epidemic of crime and violence.

More than ever, New York needs strong, tenacious, and brave leadership that will safeguard common New Yorkers, lower their cost of living, and bring our state back to its former grandeur.

What Are the Previous Offices Held by Alison Esposito?

Before joining politics, Alison  Esposito was Deputy Inspector for the New York City Police Department. Whiles in the police, she was part of the Anti-crime team and the NYPD’s Emergency Services Unit.


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