Ana Jalandoni Kit Thompson: Who is Kit Thompson and What Has he Done to Ana Jalandoni?

Ana Jalandoni is Kit Thompson’s girlfriend who got abused by her boyfriend ( Kit Thompson).

Known for her role in the film Sleazebag Cheaters, Ana Jalandoni is an accomplished actress. The actress is also well-known for her romance with Kit Thompson, who she met while working as a model.

Every fan who followed Ana and Kit’s relationship was enthralled by their story. Until the latest event, the pair was widely regarded as one of the most ideal matches in the profession.

The actress, Jalandoni, sought assistance after she was reportedly held and assaulted by her lover, according to reports.

Who is Kit Thompson and What Has he Done to Ana Jalandoni?

Kit Thompson is the boyfriend of Ana Jaladoni who allegedly assaulted his girlfriend.

Keith San Esteban Thompson (born February 15, 1997), better known by his screen name Kit Thompson, is a Filipino-New Zealander actor, model, and television personality who is of Filipino and New Zealander descent.

Ana Jalandoni was saved from her actor lover, Kit Thompson, who had threatened to harm her. According to reports, the actress sought assistance from a friend after Kit reportedly injured her.

Ana and Thompson’s controversy is presently making the rounds on the internet, and her supporters are finding it difficult to accept.

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