Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen have been friends for more than two decades.

The media has frequently questioned their friendship, despite the fact that they have always maintained that they are simply best friends.

Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen were paired up on a blind date by a mutual friend in the 1990s.

It took Cooper about 45 seconds to decide he would never go on a date with Andy Cohen when they appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show to talk about their friendship.

As he went on to explain, “I pictured him in as a Bluetooth headset, fidgeting. When we initially met, he was overjoyed and asked me about my mother within the first minute of our conversation.

“I wanted to date the Vanderbilt lad!” Cohen chipped in. “I was thrilled.”

They remained friends after that encounter and traveled with mutual acquaintances multiple times as best buddies.

“We’ve gotten much closer since I had the talk show, and since we’ve been on tour together,” Cohen told USA Today of the pair’s blossoming romance over the years.

After all, we’ve been friends for over two decades. He’s just a very devoted, kind, and sensitive person who also happens to be a wonderful friend.”


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