Are Angelina Pivarnick and Chris Jersey Shore still together in 2022?

Angelina Pivarnick and Chris Jersey Shore are no longer together in 2022.


Chris Larangeira has filed for divorce from Angelina Pivarnick, as seen on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, despite their ongoing marital woes.

After two years of marriage, Chris Larangeira filed for divorce from Angelina Pivarnick in Monmouth County, New Jersey. Even though Angelina has yet to answer, the case is still live as of today, February 7th.

Angelina Pivarnick and Chris Jersey
Angelina Pivarnick and Chris Jersey

In the wake of reports about their breakup for over a year, this is the most recent twist.

It wasn’t until January 2021, 14 months after their wedding was filmed for MTV’s reality show, that Angelina decided to file for divorce.

Both parties attempted to repair their relationship before dismissing the complaint in July.

There have been complications with Angelina’s “nonexistent” sex life, as viewers of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation are aware, which have made it difficult for the relationship to get back on track.

During a June episode of the MTV show, Angelina said, “We’ll fight, and then whoever initiates the fight won’t want to bang.” “In other words, he doesn’t want to bang and neither do I.

After meeting with a psychic in the Feb. 3 episode, Angelina was given a prediction that she would break up with her spouse in the near future.

After their November 2019 wedding vows, Chris decided to relocate out of their home around a year later or right before the holiday season, which is what a clairvoyant would have predicted.

A quarrel between her and her ex-husband led to him moving in with his mother, which she revealed on the show in June.

“He wanted to see the ‘Merry Christmas to my wife’ card ripped up as he left, so he ripped up the card before he left.

He was eager to see that stocking ripped open and discarded. Chris insisted that I see his entire wardrobe as it was emptied. His treatment of me in this manner is simply unjustifiable.”

While on an episode of the show, Chris appeared and explained that, rather than leaving, he had just changed his address “Sleep a few nights at my mom’s house.


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