Are Blake Lively and Taylor Swift friends?

Yes. Blake Lively and Taylor Swift are tight friends.

In a number of her songs, Taylor even included the names of Blake and Ryan Reynolds’ children. Taylor’s Grammy Award acceptance speech for Album of the Year in 2021 included a mention to the family of five.

Furthermore, Blake Lively’s daughter can be heard speaking at the beginning of Taylor’s song, Gorgeous, which adds to the excitement.

Since roughly 2015, they have maintained a friendship. It was on Blake’s Instagram account that she shared a photo of the two of them at Universal Studios in Australia, which was the first time they really got recognition as a team.

Blake and Ryan have appeared at a number of Taylor’s events, including concerts and parties, throughout the years. The couple’s support for Taylor has been apparent in a number of public appearances.

As a show of support for their friend, Blake and Ryan attended the November 13, 2021 episode of Saturday Night Live in order to see her play her most recent rendition of All Too Well on the show. The ten minute version, to be exact.

A few days later, they were spotted together again at an afterparty at L’Avenue in Manhattan.


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