Are Chrishell and Shonda Biological Sisters?

Chrishell and Shonda Stause

Chrishell and Shonda are biological sisters. Shonda is the oldest of the five sisters.

Fans of the series Selling Sunset may remember Shonda. In the first season, the mom-of-three visited Chrishell for lunch, where the newly-minted Oppenheim Group agent briefed her older sister on her new responsibilities.

Chrishell and Shonda Stause
Chrishell and Shonda Stause

Season 3 featured Shonda Stause. Following the terrible news of her divorce, she temporarily took Chrishell in and became a popular favorite.

Many admirers saw that Chrishell’s older sister looked after her well throughout her visit. Shonda’s husband and children were also extremely supportive, providing a breath of fresh air in the midst of Justin’s insanity.

Shonda drove her younger sister to her spa and sat quietly listening to her. Fans observed how lovely Shonda is despite the fact that they only got a few scenes together.

Staying with Shonda was challenging at times, but it also reaffirmed Chrishell’s dream of having her own family one day.

During Season 3, Chrishell remarked of Shonda, her husband, and their children, “They’ve been married for so long and have this lovely family.”

“I just think that’s difficult to be around because it’s what I wanted and what I’m discovering I don’t have, but knowing that it might be out there allows me to be inspired. 

It could just go in a different direction than I expected “She went on to say something else.


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