Are you the owner of the BBNaija house? Bella asks Phyna as they clash over food in the lounge

Bella and the newly installed head of house Phyna got embroiled in a heated argument minutes ago. The duo hurled insults at each other and got really dirty.

The feud started after Bella and Chomzy continued talking about food when Phyna, the head of the house, urged them to talk solely about gambling instead when she assembled them for a short meeting in the lounge.

As a result, the two housemates got into a furious argument which turned chaotic. Bella began calling Phyna a mad lady and Phyna responded by telling Bella that if they weren’t in the Big Brother house, she would have broken her legs.

Bella added that it was because she was a street person, to which Phyna had to respond that she was untrained.

Sheggz took the initiative to defend Bella, which prompted Groovy to defend Phyna. Sheggz became more upset when Groovy warned her not to intervene while the two ladies were arguing.

Then again, Bella shot back and said she will continue to talk about it because there is no single person in the house who can tell her what to do. She asked if the BBNaija house belong to Phyna for her to be throwing her weight about with much impunity.

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