The heat started by Phyna and Bella soon spiralled to their partners, Groovy and Sheggz’s territory and they held the ‘violent’ end of the baton accordingly.

As they attempted to protect their partners, Groovy and Sheggz took it out on each other and for the timely intervention of other housemates, an uglier scene would have been recorded.

Sheggz backed his woman, Bella, while Groovy solidly fought for Phyna shortly after the females fired shots at each other.

When Phyna, the leader of the house, gathered them for a brief meeting in the lounge, Bella and Chomzy continued discussing food despite her request that they just discuss gambling. This is when the argument between them began.

The two housemates consequently got into a heated dispute that descended into chaos. When Bella started calling Phyna a crazy woman, Phyna retaliated by telling Bella that she would have broken her legs if they weren’t in the Big Brother house.

Bella began calling Phyna a “mad lady,” and Phyna responded by telling Bella that if they weren’t in the Big Brother house, she would have broken her legs.

Bella added that it was because she was a street person, to which Phyna had to respond that she was untrained. Sheggz took the initiative to defend Bella, which prompted Groovy to defend Phyna.

When two ladies were fighting, Groovy warned Sheggz not to get involved, which sparked a more intense dispute inside the home. In the ensuing melee, Groovy tagged Sheggz as fake and dumb.


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