Baltimore Ravens Greatest Running Backs In History – Baltimore Ravens Best Running Backs Of All-Time

The Baltimore Ravens are an American football club headquartered in Baltimore that competes in the National Football League. In 25 years of their history, Ravens have had some of the franchise hardcore RB’s

Here is a list of 5 of Baltimore Ravens Best Running Backs Of All-Time

1. Jamal Lewis

Lewis had a knack for scoring touchdowns. In five of his nine seasons, he scored at least six touchdowns. He’s one of the NFL’s most underrated running backs ever. The Ravens won their first Super Bowl as a rookie, taking over for Priest Holmes in the midst of the year. In 2012, Lewis was inducted into the Ravens Ring of Honor, further cementing his place in Ravens history.

2. Ray Rice

In his second season, Rice had his first meaningful opportunity and put together his first Pro Bowl performance, running for 1,339 yards and seven touchdowns on 254 attempts while adding another 702 receiving yards and one touchdown on 78 receptions. Rice rushed for 6,080 yards and caught for 3,344.

3. Willis McGahee

McGahee carried for 1,207 yards and seven touchdowns in his rookie season with the Ravens. Although he was in Baltimore for four seasons, he still had a respectable resume, averaging 769 carries for 3,346 all-purpose yards and 35 touchdowns.

4. Priest Holmes

As an undrafted free agent, Holmes made his professional debut with Baltimore. While playing with the Baltimore Ravens from 1997 through 2000, Holmes amassed more than 2,000 total running yards.

5. Justin Forsett

Under Gary Kubiak, Justin Forsett joins a lengthy list of running backs who had their greatest year of the season. Forsett’s career running yards was 3,890. With 2,005 running yards, Forsett ranks seventh in Ravens history. The Ravens relied heavily on Fosett’s rushing ability in 2014, and it was the only season in which he surpassed the 1,000-yard mark.

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