Bappi Lahiri Wife: Meet Chitrani Lahiri Bappi Lahiri Wife

Bappi Lahiri, real name Alokesh Lahiri, was an Indian singer, composer, politician and record producer who was born 27 November 1952 in Jalpaiguri, West Bengal, India and died 15 February 2022 at the age of 69 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

He was born to Aparesh Lahiri and Bansuri Lahiri who were both Bengali singers and musicians in classical music and Shyama Sangeet. Bappi was their only child.

His most used instrumentals were Vocals, tabla, piano, drum, guitar, saxophone, bongos, dholak. He was very active in the music industry from 1972 to 2020.

Bappi had a number of his songs used in movies although he was known for disco-style songs where he brought orchestration and fusion of Indian music with international sounds and youthful upbeat rhythms.

Bappi Lahiri Wife:

Bappi Lahiri got married in 1977 to Chitrani Lahiri at a very young age even before he got very popular in the Indian music industry The couple had two children together.

Meet Chitrani Lahiri Bappi Lahiri Wife

Chitrani Lahiri is the wife of the late Bappi Lahiri. The couple got married in 1977. The duo married when they were both very young. During a chatshow interview, Bappi said he married his wife, Chitrani when she was 18 and he was also 23.

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