The highly anticipated seventh season of Big Brother Naija has started broadcasting on television. Ebuka hosted the launch on July 23 and did what he does best as a host. The show currently has 25 housemates, and each one of them wants to make it to the finale and take home the $10,000 prize.

Chomzy is the nineteenth housemate for BBNaija 2022’s “Level Up” edition to enter the big brother’s home. Sewing, traveling, and twerking are some of Chomzy’s favorite simple pleasures. She considers herself a resourceful and fervent peoples-person and despises snitches and betrayers. She has been recognized for her academic and charitable activities, and she thinks the show will make her wealthy and well-known.

Chomzy enjoys pageantry and modeling. Chomzy enjoys twerking, traveling, and sewing among other simple pleasures. She views herself as a resourceful, ardent peoples’ person who hates spies and traitors.


Big Brother Housemate Chomzy
Big Brother Housemate Chomzy

The world’s best family, in Chomzy’s opinion, is her own. “My mom and siblings are all in Nigeria, while my dad is in Gabon. She smiles, “I’m the favorite, but my family gets along beautifully and loves one other. This firecracker is ready for love when it comes along despite being alone.

What is Chomzy BBNaija’s Instagram Account?

Chomzy’s Instagram handle is @thechomzy.


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