Dotun is a “Level Up” housemate on BBNaija 2022. Dotun is an Ekiti State-born medical physiologist and personal trainer.
Aged 26 years old, he.

He promised to infuse the home with a lot of sexiness. He asserts that the fact that he is incredibly competitive and a straightforward guy poses the greatest threat to the other Housemates.

BBNaija 2022: What is Dotun BBNaija's Instagram Account?
BBNaija 2022: What is Dotun BBNaija’s Instagram Account?

Dotun, who is formally known as Oladotun Mofiyinfoluwa Oloniyo, is one of the 12 male housemates on this season of BBNaija. Dotun is prepared to compete for the victory!

His fierce competitiveness is his biggest danger to the other Housemates. 26-year-old Dotun is a medical physiologist who spends his days off working as a personal trainer in addition to his hospital job.

What is Dotun BBNaija’s Instagram Account?

Dotun BBNaija Dotun has risen to fame as he has joined the seventh season of Nigeria’s most popular reality show many people would like to view and follow him on his social media handles. You can visit his handle on Instagram (@dotunoloniyo).

He describes himself as “fun, attractive, and spontaneous” and says he never backs down from a challenge.

Dotun, who aspires to dominate the entertainment industry, regards being named Mr. Tourism Nigeria 2018 and graduating from the University of Ibadan as one of the top students in his specialty as two of his proudest achievements.

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