BBnaija: Bella is going to be the biggest star out of the house this season- Joy Isi Bewaji says shortly after her fight with Phyna

Famed influencer and playwright, Joy Isi Bewaji has predicted that Level Up housemate Bella will have a larger-than-life persona beyond the scope of the Big Brother Nigeria reality show.

She lept to the defence of Bella after her bitter squabble with the newly installed Head of House, Phyna on Tuesday. In case you missed all the action, let’s fill you in.


Bella and Phyna two had a heated argument about food distribution on Tuesday. This happened when Bella and Chomzy were talking about food in the lounge when Phyna, the head of house, suggested that they only talk about their wager-related issues instead.

Phyna fired back in equal measure when Bella, who didn’t like this, fired some flaming rounds at her while calling her a street girl.

Sheggz and Groovy who have established a romantic relationship with the above-mentioned female housemates also threw themselves into the fray.

As the debacle of what happened continued to divide opinions online, Joy emerged to pen a lenghty post on Facebook to reveal why Bella will triumph in the race of life ahead of Phyna outside the house.

Joy posted;

Bella is going to be the biggest star out of the house this season.

I said ”out of the house” o!

Make una nor stone me 🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️

She’s got beauty for days.

She’s got a nice body.

She’s got personality.

She’s got the right quantity of controversy.

She’s reality show material 💯

First thing she has to do is drop that niggaaa.

They shouldn’t be together in life’s journey after this enclosed space.

Then sit with a therapist, unburden your fears and insecurities.

Next, shut out all the noise and judgments.

Your conviction is enough.

Forgive yourself.

Ignore others.

Wake up a new person and forge any path you wish for yourself.

You’re going to be all right .

And others will be all right too.

I can’t wait to see all those vacay pictures from Kenya to Dubai to Miami.

I am not a fan…

But I SEE you, Bella.

Fine geh 😊

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