Nollywood actor Somadina Adinma shared his opinion about the argument between Level-Up housemates Phyna and Bella in the ongoing Big Brother Naija reality show that erupted on Tuesday.

Bella and the recently appointed head of house Phyna got into a furious disagreement during which they exchanged profane insults that got really filthy.

Somadina Adinma

When Phyna, the leader of the house, gathered them for a brief meeting in the lounge, Bella and Chomzy continued discussing food despite her request that they just discuss gambling. This is when the argument between them began.

The two housemates consequently got into a heated dispute that descended into chaos. When Bella started calling Phyna a crazy woman, Phyna retaliated by telling Bella that she would have broken her legs if they weren’t in the Big Brother house.


The drama has given viewers plenty to talk about. In the midst, former child actor Somadina Adinma has slammed Phyna for going overboard.

In addition, he berated the Edo-born native for threatening Bella with harm and questioned whether she was the first female housemate to come from the trenches.


In the now-deleted tweet, he wrote,

“Phyna be doing too much, if not for big brother rules you go break Bella legs cos you are from the streets lol… na you be first agbero girl.. Mtcheew”


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