Bella did not waste time in telling Biggie in the Diary Room that her fight with Phyna over food is inevitable because food is essential to their survival in the house.

According to her, although she’s tempted not to touch on the subject, she or other housemates cannot skip it because, without food, their quest for the ultimate in line with their mission in the house will be retarded.

On Tuesday, Bella and Phyna got into a furious argument over food distribution. In the lounge, Bella and Chomzy were discussing food when Phyna, the head of house, requested that they limit their conversation to wager-related subjects exclusively.

When Bella, who didn’t like this, fired some fiery shots at her while calling her a street girl, Phyna fired back in equal measure. Sheggz and Groovy who are romantically involved with the aforementioned female housemates also hurled themselves into the fray accordingly.

Well, when they engaged Biggie during their Diary Sessions, they were asked about how they felt about food fights and the return of Chomzy, Doyin and Eloswag.

Watch a snippet of their responses;


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