Doyin seems to have developed a special rapport with Chizzy, the Housemate who was introduced into the show as a ‘Rider.’

They have been teasing each other and spending time together for a while now and we have no idea where this new vehicle of friendship is heading towards.

On the flip side, Groovy revealed that Chizzy was upset when Doyin was evicted. He admitted that he had been missing her a lot and was glad Chizzy had another chance to see her.

Chizzy on the other hand is eager to spend the majority of his time with Doyin, aside from when he was producing artwork for this week’s task presentation. In the garden, the two talked about Doyin’s conflict with Bryann while enjoying each other’s company.

Doyin admitted that even though she likes Bryann as a person, she despises the fact that he is talking negatively about her to other people.

Also, Chizzy revealed to Doyin that he had conveyed his feelings for her to Biggie during yesterday’s diary session in order to let her know.

He continued by saying how much he admired her “beauty” and “clever mind”. Doyin couldn’t help but smile despite her shock.


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