BBNaija: Phyna jokes a lot but housemates take it seriously- Chomzy tells Biggie

Alone in the Diary Room with Biggie earlier today, Chomzy said her colleagues in the house should not be worked up with what Phyna does in the house.

She emphasised that the HOH for this week likes to joke around once in a while but those who do not understand her to take everything seriously.

In her words: “Phyna jokes a lot but housemates take it seriously. Most things she says she doesn’t mean them but some housemates that had issues with her before misjudge her. She is real and doing her job as HOH well for now.”

Her statement as we all know is firmly hinged on the ‘Gbas Gbos’ that erupted in the house on Tuesday.

Arguments have increased on Big Brother Naija in recent weeks as a result of the expelled housemates exchanging leftovers and meals.

Bella and Sheggz were dissatisfied that they had not received the remainder that Chomzy and Eloswag had planned to offer them Bella received a strike warning for her provocative behavior after a heated dispute with Sheggz and Rachel last week over the latter’s refusal to provide Bella her chosen food selection.

Bella was counseled by Phyna to quit talking about it because it has long ago passed and belongs there. Bella responded by declaring that no one in the home has the right to order her and that she will continue to talk about it.

Phyna bluntly informed Bella that she would beat her up and break her legs if they were outside during the confrontation. Unconcerned, Bella replied, “Phyna is from the street and clearly lacks politeness.

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