After the Lush Hair Task earlier today, Chomzy is fancying her chances of winning the Level Up BBNaija edition.

Apparently, Phyna and Chi Chi were furious because Chomzy and her team, Bella, Groovy, Hermes, and Rachel, won the task.

They appeared to be saying Chomzy and Bella were trying to rub the defeat on their faces. They had a brief conversation after Chomzy and Bella observed that they were upset.

The duo, Bella and Chomzy discussed how surprised Phyna and Chi Chi will be if she eventually wins the competition. Chomzy further told Bella that when Phyna and Chi Chi spotted them in the Level 3 House, they were astounded.

Bella said, “If she remains this weekend, they can kill her,” and Chomzy made fun of the two of them by asking Bella what would happen if she wins.

As far as viewers and Biggie are concerned, Chomzy is no longer part of the programme because she has been evicted already- something that she will probably discover this Sunday.

Fans expressed their opinion about her statement, saying;

Deborah Moses: Biggie biggie biggie how many times did I call you? Hope ambulance will be available on Sunday cos Chomzy will not be able to hold her fainting back. Proud thing @Chomzy不不不不不不

Opeyemi Morenikeji: Chomzy at least rest now even if you’re the winner at least you will calm till you collect the money but sha no worry it will dawn on you when ebuka show on Sunday and say will the evicted hms pls stand up that is when you will know that you just a mere guest

Toluwalope Ayoola Idowu: Ebuka & biggie what u av done to twist dis game is bad assuming she is home ,she would av stop bragging , d way she proud is too much

Chefzinny Ezinne: Aunty Abi you hold juju,. That’s why I don’t like you chomzy, always having a heavy heart for someone. Make sure you don’t forget your jacket this time cus you’re going for real.. nonsense.


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