Doyin, Chomzy, and Eloswag, the three evicted housemates, appear to be giving viewers of the popular reality show the content that will get them glued to the TV sets despite the twists Biggie has been adding to this year’s show which has not gone down well with some people.


Despite having been kicked out on Sunday night, Big Brother chose to add a twist to the eviction by moving the kicked-out housemates to level 3 house, herein Doyin, Chomzy and Eloswag.

The ousted housemates were shown debating a variety of topics, including which among them will win the grand prize and the connection between Bella and Sheggz, among others.


Doyin claimed to have discovered Bella’s crush and instantly the conversation centred on Sheggz and Bella.

Doyin asserts that Bella has a strong attraction to Sheggz and that she has fallen in love with him, a theory which was unanimously agreed upon by Eloswag and Chomzy.

In the meantime, Sheggz and Bella have both received a strike for disobedience and provocation. On Sunday night, just before the live eviction show, Big Brother gathered the housemates in the lounge and made the announcement.


Sheggz received criticism from Big Brother for refusing to participate in the punishment that was imposed on him when he rendered his decision (Sheggz).

Sheggz was given the title of the tail of the house earlier in the week and instructed to assist any housemate who requested it, which he failed to do.

As a result, Sheggz was deemed guilty of disobedience and contempt for Biggie’s directives by Big Brother.


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