The blossoming relationship of Groovy and Phyna was given a new lease of twist after Groovy decided to take charge of their romance and manipulate how things should be done between them.

A short while ago, Phyna was warming her way up to kiss Groovy when he stopped her in her tracks and told her he will stipulate the number of times they will lock lips henceforth.

Groovy is heard saying audibly, “From now on I’m in charge of kisses, for 7 weeks now you have been in charge, from 8 week I shall be of when to kiss you and when not to kiss you.”

This new arrangement stunned Phyna, and of course all well as the viewers hence she asked him for clarification as to why this sudden arrangement.

Groovy offered a reason, albeit not satisfactory by telling his love interest, “You are at my demand, when I do like this (gestures), you kiss, if I don’t, you keep your lips.”


In the meantime, a statement from Big Brother has shed light on Doyin, Chomzy and Eloswag who have been axed from the show but are being kept in the ‘Level 3’ House.

The statement read;

“The House Guests are no longer in the running for the highly coveted Grand Prize but are eligible to earn winnings from Sponsored Tasks. Unbeknownst to them and the Housemates, they will occupy Level 3 until 18 September at the very least, partaking in normal House activities such as Diary Sessions, Tasks and Head of House Games. Nominations also remain the same, but no one in the House would know if the House Guests are Evicted or not.”


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