Sheggz was recently charged with domestic abuse by his ex-girlfriend saying amongst other things that he had choked her on the bed and gave her a serious beating during their relationship.

It got to a point she couldn’t endure anymore. She attempted to run away and in the process, she missed a step and fell down the stairs, damaging her leg bone. She stated that he is a very violent person while sharing pictures of the injury she had sustained.

The lady had stated; “He got aggressive, he was grabbing me choking me. I go to the stairs and I’m trying to run down as quick as I can. So that’s how I obviously missed a step so I fell down. I was rolling. I was just rolling rolling rolling, land on my leg, my leg just snapped.

It snapped. I thought it was like a little stain y’all but getting to the hospital they told me omo!! “you’ve done a very good job. You’ve literally cracked your bone. Your bone is broken” It’s not like a lite strain you know you use clutches for. I needed surgery as soon as possible. That’s how bad it was.”

Sheggz responded to the allegations in a recent interview on BeatsFM. According to him, no one ever yelled his name in any video, thus he has nothing to do with it. He continued by saying that he is currently concentrating on his new life and Bella, his girlfriend.


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