Chizzy has told Bella how the conflict between him and Phyna first began. Narrating his version of what happened, Chizzy informed Bella that Phyna had initially informed him that Doyin was with Cyph and that he had no chance of winning if he were to witness their kiss.

In a recent episode of BBNaija, Chichi confronted Bella for talking about Phyna with whom she had previously been accused of having feelings for Groovy.

Remember how Chichi admitted to Phyna that the only time she ever felt feelings for Groovy was when the program was first airing? She doesn’t see why Phyna is interpreting significance into unimportant things because she also claimed to have mentioned Sheggz and Groovy today.

She also advised Phyna to distance herself from her if she thought she wasn’t a good friend. So apparently Chizzy felt that the comments from Phyna which came out unexpectedly provoked him which made him react the way he did.

He spoke at length trying to make Bella reason with him that whatever happened was not his fault and ultimately pinning it on Phyna.


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