Bella has no right to disrespect the HOH position — Pere weighs in on fight between Phyna and Bella

Pere has shared his opinion concerning the heated confrontation between Bella and Phyna which got their respective loves being dragged along the same tangent.

Recall that the duo got into a fierce disagreement on Tuesday over food allocation. This occurred when Bella and Chomzy were discussing food in the lounge and Phyna, who happens to be the head of house advised them to only discuss their wager-related problems instead.

Bella, who didn’t like this sent some fiery shots at Bella while referring to her as a “street girl,” prompting Phyna to return fire in the same measure.

Sheggz and Groovy who have established a romantic relationship with the above-mentioned female housemates also threw themselves into the fray.

On this score, Pepper Dem BBNaijaia participant, Pere had to comment on the argument via his Twitter account. In his own perspective, Bella had to always show respect for Phyna because she was the head of the household.

In his words, he said, “The emblem on the neck of the HoH should not be disrespected. I sternly believe people who disrespect the emblem go out of their way to do so just for content’s sake. It actually costs nothing to show some respect to the HoH seeing that you may become one.”

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