For the Dallas Cowboys, the quarterback position is no exception. The Cowboys have won five Super Bowls, but their offense has relied on a small group of talented quarterbacks.

Here is a list of the top 5 Best Dallas Cowboys Starting Quarterback In History

Roger Staubach

The man known as “Roger the Dodger” was one of the first to truly dominate as scrambling quarterbacks, and gratitude to his capacity to broaden plays, the Cowboys had the option to take out a few major plays, none greater than the “Leap of faith” play to Drew Pearson against the Minnesota Vikings such an extremely long time back.

Landry and Staubach helped assemble the Cowboys’ charm that acquired them the title of “America’s Team” and truly started making the picture that the establishment actually activities right up ’til the present time. The two Hall of Famers were quick to put the principal focus in this team, and it’s been focused on Big D from that point onward.

Troy Aikman

Aikman was the primary overall pick in the 1989 NFL Draft, by the Dallas Cowboys. On February 25, 1989, new proprietor Jerry Jones terminated Tom Landry and supplanted him with Jimmy Johnson. A couple of months after the fact, in the NFL’s supplemental draft, Johnson drafted Steve Walsh, who played for Johnson at the University of Miami. Aikman won the beginning quarterback work, and Walsh was exchanged from the get-go in the 1990 season.

Aikman played his first NFL preseason game on August 26, 1989, against the Denver Broncos. His NFL debut began with a 28-0 misfortune to the New Orleans Saints. The next week, Aikman tossed his first score pass, a 65-yard consummation to Michael Irvin, however, the Atlanta Falcons blocked two passes and won. In a game against the Arizona Cardinals, he tossed for 379 yards to establish an NFL youngster record. Aikman completed 1989 with a 0-11 record as a starter, finishing 155 of 293 passes for 1,749 yards, 9 scores, and 18 capture attempts.

Tony Romo

Romo has been great statistically speaking, with four seasons with 3,000 or more passing yards since becoming a starter. He also recently passed No. 11 on the Cowboys list for most touchdowns in a season and most career games with three or more touchdowns.

Danny White

In 1976, Dallas Cowboys signed Danny White after the World Football League collapsed. Through 1979, White was the Cowboys’ punter and the reinforcement to the group’s star quarterback Roger Staubach. After Staubach’s retirement following the finish of that season, White turned into the Cowboys’ beginning quarterback. Until 1984, White kept on filling in as the group’s punter; he drop-kicked once and for all in his vocation once in 1985.

In a paramount 1980 season finisher game against the Atlanta Falcons, White drove the Cowboys to a dig out from a deficit 30-27 triumph. He additionally played in one of the Cowboys’ most difficult season finisher misfortunes against the San Francisco 49ers in the 1981 NFC Championship Game, popular for the Joe Montana-to-Dwight Clark game-dominating play, which would basically come to be known as “The Catch”. He got Pro Bowl and second-group All-Pro distinctions in 1982.

Don Meredith

The late incredible Don Meredith was one of the very first quarterbacks for the Dallas Cowboys, snatching the beginning position in only the establishment’s second year of presence in 1962. Right up ’til today, he’s truly outstanding to at any point address the star.

He might have just played nine seasons, yet all were spent in Dallas, and notwithstanding his capacity to make works out of nothing, the Cowboys would have battled significantly more so than they did during the 1960s.


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