The Tinder Swindler is a riveting short film that tells the story of Israeli conman Shimon Hayut, who operated under the alias Simon Leviev.

After all, by appearing to be the son of diamond tycoon Lev Leviev, he was able to justify his lavish lifestyle and gain the trust of women he met on the aforementioned dating app, only to defraud them of thousands of dollars.

He used the app to earn the trust of ladies he met, only to defraud them for thousands of dollars. His reputation for the hoax was driven by the fact that he had a personal bodyguard, Peter.

Simon Leviev Bodyguard, Peter

Simon Leviev’s bodyguard, Peter, appears to fit the stereotypical notion of a security officer for the super-rich, especially as depicted in novels and movies, as a huge and hefty male with full arm tattoos.

Occasionally, It feels as if he played a key role in ensuring Simon was noticed wherever they went by towering over everyone and remaining close to the faux billionaire with an almost constant gaze.

Detailed information about Peter hasn’t been disclosed yet, but Peter Leviev, Simon Leviev’s bodyguard, has never been accused or jailed for any unlawful action linked to the Israeli hustler, implying that he is currently a free man.

According to a flight document seen in the film, his real name is Piotr. As a result, he’s most likely from Central Europe, but he’s back in Israel as Simon’s protection once more; at least, that’s what we’ve gathered.


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