This is the first time that the Prime Minister has confirmed that he is expecting his seventh child at the end of the year.
During a visit to the United States, the prime minister was interviewed by NBC about being a father and administering a country.

He revealed the following to Savannah Guthrie, a writer for The Washington Post: “It’s wonderful. A lot of labor is required. You can tell it’s a lot of work, but I’ll tell you this: I enjoy it, and I’d like you to know that I change a lot of diapers.”

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson

After the birth of his sixth child, Wilfred, in April 2020, Boris Johnson was questioned if he already had six children. He replied, “Yes.”

The number of children Mr. Johnson has fathered has been a subject of debate.

He has four children from his marriage to ex-wife Marina Wheeler, but he also has a child from an extramarital relationship with art consultant Helen Macintyre, born in 2009.

As a candidate in the 2019 election, Mr. Johnson stated that he would not reveal his personal life, including his children.

Wilfred was born to Mr. and Mrs. Johnson last year, and in July this year, Mrs. Johnson revealed that she was expecting again, with a touching message about miscarriage.

The former Conservative Party communications director claimed she wanted to share her personal news about her miscarriage in order to “assist others,” adding that the new baby would arrive “this Christmas.”

How Many Children Does Boris Johnson Have?

Currently, Boris Johnson has 7 children. His children are

Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas Johnson, born in April 2020, age 2
Romy Iris Charlotte Johnson, born December 9 2021, age 1
Lara Lettice Johnson-Wheeler, born June 12, 1993, age 29
Milo Arthur, born 1995, age 27
Cassia Peaches, born 1997, age 25
Theodore Apollo, born in 1999, age 2
Stephanie Macintyre, born in 2009,age 12



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