On June 19, 1964, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson was born in New York City. He currently serves as the Conservative Party’s and the United Kingdom’s prime minister.

He held the positions of the mayor of London and Secretary of State for foreign and Commonwealth affairs (2008 to 2016). He has served as the MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip since 2015. (MP).

He studied Classics at Balliol College in Oxford. In 1986, Johnson served as the Oxford Union’s president. Beginning in 1989, Boris was a political columnist and correspondent for The Daily Telegraph’s coverage of Brussels.

He served as The Spectator’s editor from 1999 to 2005. He was baptized as a Catholic and afterward confirmed into the Church of England. Boris has reportedly said he is not a serious practicing Christian.

Johnson’s liaison with Helen Macintyre resulted in the birth of Stephanie Macintyre. Her birth year is 2009. Helen, a real estate mogul, sought to keep their child a secret, but the press media learned about it. According to rumors, Stephanie doesn’t spend much time with her father or siblings.

Which school Does Stephanie Macintyre Attend?

Unfortunately, there is no information about Stephanie Macintyre’s educational background.


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