Brendan McKay Scouting Report

Brendan Joel McKay is a pitcher and designated hitter in Major League Baseball for the Tampa Bay Rays.

Brendan McKay Scouting Report

Age: 26 yr
Height: 6-2
Weight: 220 lbs
Hits/Throws: L/L
Acquired: 2017 Round 1
RuleV: On 40-Man Roster

Physical Description:

On the mound, good balance of height and weight. Lower body strength is aided by broad shoulders. 
An impressive amount of athleticism for his size, and he utilizes it effectively. The entire frame is well-proportioned.


A left-handed three-quarter delivery that reaches the air at a high point. Before descending, he raises his right leg above the belt.

A good extension can be achieved by reshaping the arm action. Pitch-by-pitch, the upper and bottom halves remain connected. His pitches are delivered in a single, fluid motion because of his use of simple mechanics.


Subtle rise to the top of the zone in the mid-90s. Sits in the 92-95th percentile; reaches the 97-98th percentile. Consistent whiffs on both sides of the plate are the result of good velocity and late movement.

Natural feel and touch on the fastball; does not reach back for velocity. He has a good pitch in his arsenal. a score of 55


Good mobility in a mid- to the high-80s cutter. In the 84-86 range, he peaks at 88-89. Due to the late spin and movement of his fastball, he is able to effectively manipulate it.

Using a right-handed opponent as a target is a good strategy. In the zone, it’s a little stiff, but it’s got enough movement and velocity to be a trustworthy offering. a score of 55


Rotation and break are tight but the curveball lacks consistency and depth. Sits at 82-84, which is a good out-zone break. He is a good left-handed pitcher with a lot of break-off the plate for a strikeout.

His fastball-cutter combo works effectively with an immediate drop and action. Another well-executed pitch with a high degree of assurance.a score of 50


A changeup that was hardly utilized in the major leagues two years ago is making a comeback in 2017. Has the potential to be a quality fourth pitch. An average depth and fading of 85-87 dB are found here.

More stable and less likely to go off course. This command gets better and better every time I watch it. Development and additional representatives can make it a more stable product. a score of 45.

Control and Command:

His three core pitches have a solid makeup and feel to them. Strikes hard in every direction. Fastball and cutter dot low and away from him. A curveball is thrown out of the zone. Confident in his abilities, he knows when and how to go after hitters. There are few walks given up by this pitcher, but he does get barreled on a few pitches that take up too much plate space. Repeatable techniques are a good sign for his feel for the area and familiarity with it. a score of 50 command and a score of 55 control


When healthy, McKay has the ability to pitch at the top level with a well-rounded arsenal of three excellent offerings. With the Rays, he showed flashes of two-way play, but his future appears to be on the mound.

Smooth mechanics are a significant component of McKay’s ability to manage his pitches and force consistent whiffs. Injuries and command concerns have hampered his progress, particularly his most recent left shoulder surgery.

There is still space for growth for McKay in the big leagues, and it will be interesting to see if he returns to his best.


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