Meet Brian Callahan who happens to be a coach in American Football. He is currently the offensive coordinator coach for the Cincinnati Bengals of the National Football League. He was born on June 10, 1984, in Champaign Illinois, in the United States.

Brian has also had been tremendous im the Detroit Lions as a quarterback coach as well as for the Oakland Raiders. He has also served at the Dever Broncos as an offensive assistant coach.

Brian Callahan’s personal life revolves around his early livings where he is a son to father Bill Callahan. His dad was also a workable force and an ardent lover of American football. He was an interim coach for the Redskins and a retired head coach to the Oakland Raiders.

Brian initiated and started his career as a coach in 2010 with the Denver Broncos. In 2016 he shifted to the Detroit Lions as a quarterback. Then in 2018, he got a place with the Oakland Raiders in January 2018. He finally settled in Cincinnati as an offensive coordinator in the year 2019.

How Much Does Brian Callahan Earn As Salary?

Brian Callahan’s salary cap is not ascertained but it is established that his salary is more than $600,000 from his career as a coach. As said earlier this figure hasn’t been confirmed yet.


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