Tyler Glasnow Wife:

Tyler Glanow is not married yet but he is Currently dating Brooke Register

Meet Tyler Glasnow’s Girlfriend Brooke Register

Register, who is 23 years old, grew raised in Florida and attended Oviedo High School. She was featured in the school publication The Lion’s Tale during her sophomore year in 2009.

“I buy retail stuff from places like Plato’s Closet, or other outlet stores, because they have older clothes that are gorgeous, reasonable, and not everyone has them,” she told a student reporter in a fashion feature.

Modeling agency Elite Model Agency represents Register. It was just reported on her Instagram profile that she had joined the agency in April 2017.

Shape Magazine in Europe put her on the cover in August of that year. “My girlfriend once again proves that she’s a class above me. The form cover looks great,” Glasnow wrote in a Twitter message.

While at high school, Register was also a member of the school’s soccer team, but he decided not to continue playing.

When she met Ward Cottrell at a local mall, her life took a dramatic turn for the better. She was suspicious at first, but after doing some research, she concluded that he was a legitimate model scout.

While she was still in high school, she continued modeling and Cottrell continued to teach her everything she needed to know about the industry. She eventually relocated to Miami Beach to work as a model full-time.


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